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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Art of Presentation - Two rocks and a Feather

It is always nice to have a dedicated space to arrange something to use as a centering focus for meditation. When you have a shelf or little table or even just a corner of a desk to use as your design area, the challenge is to keep refreshing the arrangements so they do not become invisible.

The act of selecting and arranging objects is often done intuitively but can also be done as an exercise in design. I used objects selected by a good friend with a creative eye. They are objects she collected on her travels. With very different colors and textures, they engage me.

Like anything that catches my interest long enough to ponder, these pieces become metaphors. The blue green stone nestled in the white stone reminds me of a robin's egg which relates to the feather. The egg-stone is a metaphor for life beginning. The ragged worn-out feather is a metaphor for life's journey. The white stone is almost like a bone, and can be a socket for the blue green eye stone. Thus implying the passing on of life.

What is noticeable here, is that the material has so much more presence when displayed on a pedestal of some sort. The dark pedestal anchors the light, frothy rock and feather. I find it more satisfying to have dark at the bottom of the arrangement to give it more stability. My only complaint now is that the proportions of the shelf are such that it still feels a a tiny bit empty.

What do you think?

(Thanks to Barb for the connected objects.)