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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Plagued by Perfection?

I have observed a distinct tendency in myself to seek the perfect. Perhaps this is inborn in all of us as a way to help us find the best food to eat, the best mate or the best place to live. Sadly, eternally chasing perfection can get in the way of enjoying life and realizing that good enough can be perfect.
An example is the small dish I found to use under my pepper mill on the table. I dislike the way the specks of black litter the table when the pepper mill is set down after grinding some pepper on my food.

I looked at rummage sales, bazaars, consignment stores and thrift stores and found a wonderful little hand made, hand painted dish from Italy. It has lots of evidence of how it was formed and is far from perfect, having some defects of manufacture on the rim and some chips in the glaze on the rim. It cost all of 99 cents. Most important, did any defects render it inappropriate for catching pepper specks? No, the dish was sound and just the right size.

Therefore, good enough is perfect for my use. As this is something that I use nearly every day, I have a lot of opportunity to enjoy the beauty and utility of the mill and the dish.

A simple thing, but one more detail that leads to a beautiful life. What beauty have you noticed today? What small action could you take to enhance the beauty in your life?

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