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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Using Foliage for Color Contrast

I asked my neighbor if I could take photos of her deck containers to illustrate a concept. We so often think of arranging colors of flowers for impact, but how much more powerful it is to use foliage masses as well. Especially when it has been chilly and the flowers are blooming shyly. Just be sure that you do not use the same proportion of each color or tone that you are arranging. The arrangement will be more interesting if you use proportions like 50%-30%-20% of each of three colors or tones.

This example has some wonderful color in the flowers, as the green yellow petunias echo the green yellow pattern in the dark burgundy petunias. The yellow green of the moss is attractive as well. The very dark flowers are the accent color while the largest amount of any color in the container is green with white being the medium amount in the container now. Watching the proportions of color and value change as the flowers grow adds interest.

In the next examples, the dark foliage presents the largest mass with the gray green foliage being the next largest mass. The pink color is the accent color now. As the flowers grow, the pink may become more prominent. These changes are fun to watch as the weather changes.

Remember that if you do not have the opportunity to enjoy such displays in your own yard, you can always enjoy the flowers in your neighborhood or at the nurseries in the area. Get ready for summer beauty and take time to smell the roses.

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