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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

For the Birds

Who does not enjoy birdsong in the garden? In my area, there are already so many who are feeding the birds that they really do not need more food. What they really need is shelter.

After I took an old fence down, I bought some inexpensive bird houses at a craft store and rubbed a little oil paint into them for color. I then affixed them to the top of the old fence posts and let the branches of raspberries, fennel and purple smoke tree grow around them. Even though they are not really good bird houses, chickadees have nested in them for several years.

I clean them out in the fall, so they are ready for the next spring house hunters.

The houses add color to the garden in winter and expand the variety of surfaces and textures year round.

I especially love the lichen on the roof and the contrasting flower and foliage colors.

What is your favorite garden addition?

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